"Editing, last step in filmmaking"

The editing, last step in film-making - here everything is possible: you got all the possibilities but also the need of decision...

At editing all steps of film-making come together. It's possible to create a fascinating movie out of total crap.
Through some examples and some in the workshop created little movies, the technique and the possibilities of creation will be our topic.
Hereby the participants will produce some own material which firstly shall not rely to any sense, but will than be put in a context -
connections, associative relations shall at the end lead to an any wise interesting short film. For this you need a few more time than just for the workshop.
Konrad Bohley lives in Cologne. He works in Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich, Berlin etc. Beside his own projects as writer, director and actor,
he is editing commercials, music videos, features, installations, and documentaries.
His degree at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne was a feature called "The Imagefilm", which successfully run at several national and international festivals.

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Tuesday, 2011-10-04 - 10:00 to

Alte Feuerwache
Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln

3 Workshop days 50,00€