”Inventing reality”

Danish filmdirector Jon Bang Carlsen put it this way: Any artistic formulation has to be torn away from its source material and create its ”own” universe, with its own ethical and aesthetic laws.

Hence, the usual identification between documentary and truth will always be false. Likewise, the usual identification between fiction and fantasy.
Try it out with cinematographer Jeppe Hovman.
Jeppe Hovman is an awarded danish cameraman with more than 300 shorts and tv-shows on the CV. He worked for the National Danish Broadcasting Company for many years. Jeppe is now-a-days busy in the film and tv-industry, educating and coaching. He is head of ”The School of Film and Television-production” based at ”Odder Hojskole”/ www.odderhojskole.dk and is blogging at ”Jeppes film-blog: http://filmjeppes.blogspot.com

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